Digital Document Shredder

Digital Document Shredder 7.7

Delete your files and folders securely so that they cannot be recovered anymore

Digital Document Shredder allows you to delete your files and folders securely so that they cannot be recovered anymore. When you delete your files using common methods (e. g., sending them to the recycle bin and then emptying it), there is still a chance to recover them through various means. But thanks to Digital Document Shredder nobody will be able to recover your deleted files and access your sensitive data.

The program's main window acts as a main menu that provides you with access to the four shredding alternatives available. Those alternatives are “Files and Folders”, “Recycle Bin”, “System Files”, and “Free Disk Space”. The option you will probably use more often is “Files and folders”. As its name suggests, it allows you to create a list of files and/or folders – currently present on your file system – to be deleted securely. You are allowed to choose your preferred shredding algorithm to do so.

If you choose the “Recycle Bin” alternative, all the elements present on your recycle bin will be listed automatically, while “System Files” will automatically look for certain key files that are created and used by Windows or your installed applications. Those files may also contain very sensitive information that you will not want to make available. You can select where to look for that kind of files – Temporary files, Temporary Internet files, Internet cookies, and/or Windows temporary files.

Finally, for the Free Disk Space option, the program allows you to select the units or drives whose free space you want to analyze. Free space on a disk may contain a lot of hidden files that you thought to delete a long time ago. This section of the program can detect those files and truly delete them for you. All the mentioned alternatives allow you to choose your preferred shredding algorithm, though you can also set a default algorithm in the Settings window. There are thirteen of them available, including HMG Infosec, DOS 5520.22-M, US Army, Air Force System Security, and National Security Agency.

To sum up, Digital Document Shredder is a powerful tool that allows you to really delete your files and folders, so that your personal and ultra-sensitive information is kept from being stolen.

Ricardo Soria
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  • There are thirteen powerful shredding algorithms available
  • Allows you to shred key system files you do not even know about
  • Allows you to analyze and shred your free disk space
  • Affordable price


  • Not all the algorithms available can be selected on certain shredding alternatives
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